It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

This first week of December has been a fun one!

Each Christmas we do something a little different.  One year we chopped down our own Christmas tree and one year we celebrated Minecraft style. This year we decided to keep things simple.  We pulled the fake Christmas tree out of the attic and set it up.  It stills needs to be fluffed and the ornaments still need to be hung but it’s out!  We also decided to create memories during Advent this year.  We haven’t really made a big deal or talked about Advent in the past.  We’ve always read stories and talked about the birth of Jesus but this year we decided to use Truth in the Tinsel to prepare our minds and hearts for Christmas.

Truth in the TinselMy boys are 9 and 6.  Truth in the Tinsel is geared for the younger ones but can be adapted to any age.  It is a 24 day study.  Each day  you will read a bible verse with your kids, talk about  what you read and make a craft.  The first day we started Truth in the Tinsel I  told my boys they could create a craft, build a LEGO creation or build a Minecraft creation.  They chose Minecraft and LEGOs.  So, our mornings go like this:

My boys open an envelope that contains the word they need to listen for during our bible study time.  When they hear the word they can do whatever they want.  Jump, make a noise, whatever.

We talk about what we’ve read then address any questions that may have come to their minds.

We pray and then instead of doing the ornament/craft that goes along with the study they create it in Minecraft.

Here are this weeks Truth in the Tinsel Minecraft and LEGO creations.

Advent with Truth in the Tinsel

Advent with Truth in the Tinsel

We love movies in this house so I wanted to start watching a few Christmas movies with the kids this week as well.  I was a bit disappointed with some of the movies that I chose for my boys from Netflix.  They appeared harmless but  let’s just say we had to talk about issues other than Christmas once the movies were over.  So I hopped on over to RightNow Media and found a fabulous movie from Phil Vischer called Why Do We Call It Christmas.  It was great!  It answered so many questions about Christmas like:

  • Why do we have Christmas Trees?
  • Why do we hang stockings?
  • Who is Santa Claus?
  • Is December 25 really Jesus’ birthday?

If you don’t have access to RightNow Media you can purchase the movie from Amazon. I think both you and your kiddos will learn and get a kick out of Why Do We Call It Christmas.


Word Up! The Vocab Show from Compass Classroom

Our homeschool groups have gone on Christmas break but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped our schooling.  We have decided to change things up a bit though.  Learning Latin and Greek roots along with vocab words has been such a chore for my boys which is why I was super excited when asked to try out  WordUp! by Compass Classroom.  It is awesome!  It’s so much better than the boring flip cards that I’ve been using.  Dwane Thomas keeps my boys entertained with his hilarious comedic style of teaching.  My boys don’t even realize this is a part of their “school”.  You can try out a sample lessons HERE if you’d like.

I plan on sharing more of our Christmas season in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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