Studying The Bible With Your Kids

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thouroughly equipped for every good work. ~2 Timothy 3:16-19

I believe it is my responsiblity to to make sure my children know and understand the bible, the Word of God, so that they will be thoroughly equipped for every good work. I also believe that learning the bible should be fun and engaging for me and my children. I’ve tried several studies but have found my favorite to be Grapevine Studies. Let me tell you why.

Grapevine Holds Their Attention

The lessons are simple and engaging. I read a passage of scripture, talk about what we read with the boys and then ask them to draw me a picture about it. I’ve tried other studies where there is a short to medium verse that is read and then a story and description pertaining to the verse but by the time I’ve reached the second sentence the boys are fighting, crying or asking to go play outside. At this age short and to the point is what they need. Usually, throughout the day they will ask me questions regarding our morning study and when that happens we are able to study the scriptures even further.

Drawing Helps Them Learn

My children love to create and one of their favorite forms of creativitiy is drawing. They draw on paper, on canvas, on the fence and yes even on the walls. With Grapevine Studies they solidfy what they learned during the lesson by drawing about it. Now, I am not an artist so I like that with Grapevine we draw by stick figuring. My teacher’s edition ebook gives me examples of stick figures to draw for my kids. I usually draw them on our little white board then the boys draw the same and then embellish quite a bit. They absolutely love it!

They Want To Build Their Own bible

Once the study has been completed and the pictures have been drawn we place the boy’s pictures in their very own folders. The boys drew on their folders so that we know who each folder belongs to, and because just writing their names on them didn’t look right according to my oldest. When we have company over they like to pull out their folders to show everyone what they’ve done. They also explain the stories which is great because this is teaching them how to share the bible with others. They are also very quick to let everyone know that they are making their very own bible. I love it!

Will they be missionaries? I don’t know. I do know that studying the bible with Grapevine has given them the knowledge they need, in a way that they understand, so they can tell others about Christ.

You can download a free sample lesson from Grapevine here. You and your kids will love it!




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Jennifer is a homeschool mom to 2 energetic boys. She, her husband and boys, love playing outdoors exploring new places and making new friends! Being a homeschooling mom, she considers travel a perfect extension of her children's education. You can find Jennifer tweeting about life and her adventures at @jennparkerson.
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