Move It Monday – Week 2

Today begins our second week of Move It Monday!  How are you doing?  Were you able to meet your goals last week?  Tell us your story and let us know how you are doing in the comments below.

Last week I ran 8.8 miles and rowed 3.2 so I was able to get in a total of 12 miles of exercise.  Hooray!

Ab Workout

I wanted to tell you all about an app. I found.   It’s called Ab Workout. I’ve only been using the free version but it’s a pretty good abdominal workout.  You have a choice of a 5 minute, 7.5 minute or a 10 minute workout.  You can start your workout from the beginning or choose to start at any one of the  ten 10 different exercises that you will be doing during your workout. I downloaded the app. to my phone so it’s very convenient for me to use anywhere and at any time during my day.  I recommend giving it a try!




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Jennifer is a homeschool mom to 2 energetic boys. She, her husband and boys, love playing outdoors exploring new places and making new friends! Being a homeschooling mom, she considers travel a perfect extension of her children's education. You can find Jennifer tweeting about life and her adventures at @jennparkerson.
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  1. Good for you Jen! I ran 8.91 miles last week! That’s the most I’ve done in a while so I was pretty happy! Hopefully this week I can keep it up. Thanks for the challenge! Oh and that app sounds good too. I’ve not heard of it but will definitely try it. I also pinned a really good arm workout on Pinterest the other day.

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