Finish Strong!

The end of our 40 Mile Challenge is here.  Did you meet your goals?  Were you able move for 40 miles?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

I am happy to say that I made it to the 40 mile marker this morning.  It feels fabulous to have reached my goal!

My son set a goal a few months ago.  He said he wanted to compete in a triathlon.  Hearing him say that made me a little nervous at first, but he really wanted to do it so he started his training. I wasn’t able to consistently train with him but that did not matter.  When his daddy brought him to the pool he would swim laps, do jumping jacks, swim more laps, then do push ups and so on.  When I told him he could go outside and play he would bike, run, bike and then run some more.  He really wanted to compete so I signed him up to participate in his very first triathlon.  On the day of the race he was nervous but he jumped into that pool like a pro.  He wasn’t the fastest but he gave it his all and finished!!  My son is officially a triathlete.  He is so proud of himself and we are so proud of him for accomplishing his goal and Finishing Strong!!


If you haven’t reached your 40 mile goal yet keep going so you can Finish Strong as well!



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Jennifer is a homeschool mom to 2 energetic boys. She, her husband and boys, love playing outdoors exploring new places and making new friends! Being a homeschooling mom, she considers travel a perfect extension of her children's education. You can find Jennifer tweeting about life and her adventures at @jennparkerson.
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