Move It Monday – Week 4

It’s Week 4 of Move It Monday!  The month of April is almost over.  Are you meeting your 40 mile goal? I’m almost there. Last week  I ran a total of 10.5 miles so my monthly total is currently 32.25. WooHoo!

So exercise is great but in order to stay healthy we also need to watch what we eat.  There are a lot of great weight loss programs that will help with weight loss goals but if you don’t have time to go to meetings or want to spend a bunch of money you can try an app. I’m sure there are a lot out there but the one I’ve used is called Lose It!

You can track your weight, the food you eat and yes the calories.  You can set weekly weight loss goals for yourself, up to 2 pounds, and the program will tell you how many calories you can eat each week to achieve your goal.  It’s great and if you have the will power to stick with it you will reach your goal.

Have a fabulous Monday and just Move It!

Move It Monday – Week 3

We are moving into Week 3 of our Move It Mondays!  Are you meeting your goals? This week I ran 9.75 miles so I was just under my weekly goal of 10 miles. I will have to make it up this week!
I’ve noticed when I run I get a lot of aches and pains because I’m working the same muscles over and over again so last week, I decided to join a hula class with my friend.  I  joined mainly because she asked and I thought it would be super fun. But, I also joined because I’ve been having some back problems and I thought it would be a great way to work my core muscles and hopefully get rid of my pain.    After an hour of class I could feel the burn in my core, my hips and my arms which was awesome!!  Hula was so much fun and quite a workout.   Stepping into class was like stepping into a different world.  I was greeted with a hug, a kiss and a huge smile from complete strangers. I was given a hula dress and told that I had to put in on over my head and could not step into it. There was chanting, there was singing and of course dancing.   It was so much fun trying something new.  I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new as well.  Who knows you may like it!

40 Mile

As you are exercising this week please remember to pray for everyone affected by the Boston Marathon Explosions.

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When Your Doctor Says, “Oh, That Doesn’t Look Good”

It was one of those days.  My oldest woke up with two red puffy eyes that needed the doctor’s attention, my youngest needed to get to school,  my husband had a lot that needed to get done at work and I had a doctor’s appointment that I had to get to.  Looking back at everything it probably would have been best if we all just stayed in bed!  You’ve had one of those days haven’t you?

My husband and I were able to get everyone to where they needed to be, pick up the necessary medicines and accomplish a few things before my appointment, which was thankfully one of the last things that I needed to get done.  I noticed some red spots on my skin that I thought I should get looked at by my dermatologist   My friend said they were just old lady spots but I figured I would get them checked out anyway.  The dermatologist confirmed my friends diagnoses.  She didn’t call them old lady spots, she gave me the medical name for them, but she said they were hereditary and nothing to be concerned about.  Then she started looking at my freckles, stopped and said, “Oh, that does not look good.  We need to biopsy that.”
Apparently, a freckle with a shadow beneath it indicates a possible growth under your skin. So, she cut a small chunk out of my arm and sent it off for testing.  I don’t expect it to be cancer but when my mother’s doctor found a suspicious lump I didn’t expect her to have breast cancer but she did.   She is “all clear” now but when my doctor says, “Oh, that does not look good” those words carry a little more weight now than when they were said before.
So, I go on with my day. Even though I really don’t think the test will be positive for a malignant growth I’m a bit more tense.  Things agitate me a little more than normal.  When my son isn’t paying attention during our homeschool lessons the way I think he should it is harder for me to ignore, but I try.
It will take the doctor about 10 to 14 days to get back to me with the results so for now I try to ignore the slight stinging in my arm caused from the biopsy.  I trust that whatever happens the Lord is in control and when some random guy in the mall asks me if I am trying to quit smoking because he thinks I have a nicorrette patch on my arm I laugh.  After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?
How do you cope with the unexpected inconveniences that pop up in your life?


Move It Monday – Week 1

Today is the day, our first move it Monday!  We are so glad you are here and have decided to join our 40 Mile Challenge this month.  Did you get you heart pumping this morning or will you start this evening?  Come on, you can do it, so get off that couch, stop folding those clothes for a few minutes and get moving!

RunKeeperHow will you track your mileage this month?  Will you use a pen and paper, your computer or an app. on your phone?  I use an app. and my favorite is RunKeeper. It’s super simple to use and pretty accurate in tracking distance and calories burned.  It will track any activity and then when you have completed your activity you will receive a report online and/or on your phone that will tell you your average time, calories burned, pace and so on. If your friends join, you can track each others progress through the program.  It’s great, very feature rich and worth checking out.  If you decide to join add me, RunJP, as one of your friends so that we can be virtual exercise partners! Oh, and you don’t need a phone to use RunKeeper.  You can upload information from your Garmin or just manually enter your time and distance and RunKeeper will take care of the rest. Now, GET MOVING!


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Handheld Water Bottle Running Shoes Runner's World

40 Mile Challenge

It was a regular morning in our home.  Breakfast needed to be made, kids needed managing, the dog wanted some attention and yes, the coffee needed drinking when all of a sudden he sprang it on me.  My husband said, ” Let’s run 40 miles in April.”  I responded with, “I can’t run 40 miles, I can only run 13.1…barely.” Then he clarified by saying, “No, we will spread it out during the entire month.”

Now, I am pretty consistent with my running when I’m training for something but since I’m not training for anything at the moment I need the motivation.  My husband, Tyler, has not been getting regular exercise since he went into A-fib so this will be great for both of us.  There are 4 weeks during the month of April which means we would only need to get in 10 miles a week.  That is totally doable. Of course, the challenge would be a lot better with friends so why don’t you join our 40 mile challenge?  If you complete 40 miles of heart pumping activity during April with us you will be entered into a drawing to win a $5 Amazon gift card. So, you will be getting in shape, making some friends and you may get a little spending money to download a few tunes if you complete the challenge.  Let’s do it!

40 Mile

Here are the challenge rules:


  • You can walk, run, row, swim whatever it takes to go the distance and get your heart pumping.
  • You must get your mileage in on a weekly basis throughout the month.  You cannot get all of your miles in during one day, week, hour whatever the point is to develop a routine for you to move your body on a regular, consistent basis.
  • Check-In on Mondays.  We will call it Move It Mondays.  Each Monday post your total mileage from the previous week. If you go over 40 miles that is totally fine.

What do you think?  Are you ready to join us? Of course you are, so fill up your water bottle and let’s get moving!


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Yes, I Run Half Marathons

There was a time when I thought half marathons were for those people who were in super shape.  Seriously, running 13.1 miles is just crazy…so I thought.  I changed my entire way of thinking about marathon running the day I started training for my first half marathon in 2010 and then completed my first half marathon, Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon, on February 27, 2011. So, if a girl like me can train and finish a half marathon so can you!


Why did I start running?  Well, I was sick.  Every month I would develop a sinus infection.  I would have about a week, if I was lucky, of feeling okay and then I would get sick again. I went to the doctors and took the antibiotics they prescribed, it was the strong stuff, and I would just get sick again.  I visited the allergist twice a week for allergy shots, 2 in each arm.  The ENT performed surgery on my sinuses and the sinus infections still came back.  I visited the Chiropractor and I will say that I had some relief after that visit but the infections continued to return.  I had a facial massage and that helped some as well but the infections came back.  I tried the homeopathic route of teas and such but even that didn’t help.  So I decided to do something drastic, I was going to do a triathlon. Yes, I was going to train all by myself and then swim, bike, run my way to health. Then I overheard this girl say she was going to run Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon with another girl I knew.  I thought to myself, you know, running with people would be a lot better than swimming, biking and running without people so I introduced myself.  Well, I introduced myself and then invited myself to train and run with them.  That is how I started my hobby in running, started getting healthy,  and that is how I made two wonderful friends!

How did we train? Thankfully, one of the three of us is very motivated and likes schedules and order so she became our trainer.  She found the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Program and tweaked it for our schedules. So we took the schedule and ran with it….literally.   During the week we would run by ourselves.  For me this was super hard.  I was not a runner and running was torture.  However, the more I did it, the more my body got used to running and the easier it got.  On the weekends my girlfriends and I would meet in the mornings around 7ish to do our long runs of the week together.  We talked, we ran, we walked and we laughed together.  Seriously, does it get any better than that?

Did you all survive the half marathon?  Yes, we survived!!   I highly recommend Disney’s Princess Half Marathon.  There were fireworks, a fairy godmother, pixie dust, bands, Disney characters and port-o-potties.  Lots and lots of port-o-potties.  After the race it was really hard for me to walk but I could and I did.  I took a warm shower after the race and my “trainer” soaked in a bath of ice.   I was sore for the rest of the day but my “trainer” said that the ice bath really helped her.  Ice baths scare me so I don’t know if I will try it after our next race or not.

Are going to race again?  Oh yes, I’ve actually ran/walked two other races since Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon in 2011.  In fact, this Sunday I will be running a half marathon that I have been training for.  Training hasn’t been going as well as I expected due to illnesses in my family but it will be a fantastic race!


Did running help you get your health back?  I’m glad you asked.  Yes, yes it has.  Running really helped in clearing up my sinuses and now I can say that my monthly sinus infections are a thing of the past!

If you are interested in training for a half marathon you should do it!  It will make you feel great inside and out and the sense of accomplishment you feel after the race is awesome.  Oh, and there are metals involved.  After the race you get to wear some pretty awesome bling around your neck.  Everybody LOVES bling!

Disney's Princes Half Marathon