Road Trip to St. Augustine!

This week we met Stef Layton, over at Educating Laytons, and Alli, over at Simply St. Augustine, in St. Augustine, Florida for a fun day of exploring! Alli was our guide, of course, and she put together a fabulous itinerary for all of us. We visited the Colonial Quarter, hung out on the green at the Castillo De San Marcos, went miniature golfing at Bayfront and road Ripley’s Red Train for their Night of Lights tour.

The Colonial Quarter was the perfect place to immerse ourselves into Spanish and a bit of British history. Our guide told us all about the 16th Century boat he was building, he showed us how to load and fire a 17th century musket, how a blacksmith worked with metal, what a printing press looked like and so much more. After the tour we were free to roam the grounds. The kids loved digging up artifacts in the archaeological dig area and I really enjoyed the view of the Castillo De San Marcos from the watchtower.

Colonial Quarter


MiniatureBayfront Miniature Golfing Click For Video golfing at Bayfront Mini Golf was so fun and relaxing.  Yes, mini golfing with about 14 kids was relaxing.  The course was the perfect size for our crew.  Alli, Stef and I were able to relax while the kiddos golfed.  The course was laid out in a way where you have a perfect view of the bay from every hole.  Here’s a fun fact.  Bayfront Mini Golf was founded in 1949 and is the oldest miniature golf course in Florida! They even have a little spot for you to wash your golf balls.  I think that was my son’s favorite part of the entire course.


We relaxed a bit in between our excursions.  We had a delicious lunch at the Taberna del Caballo, then hung out on the green in front of the Castillo De San Marcos. The kids ran off some energy while we enjoyed some girl time.  We grabbed a delicious cup of coffee from The Kookaburra and sipped it while relaxing at the Plaza de la Constitucion.  We had a wonderful cuban meal where my husband met his twin.  For real ya’ll, this is the first time these two met and look at them.  They dressed the same, both are programmers, both are homeschool dads and both created homeschool software.  Crazy right? Anyway, it made for a fun story and evening.

After dinner, we visited Ripley’s for their Red Train Nights of Lights Tour.  It was a blast!  We didn’t have to wait in line at at all.  We grabbed our magical glasses and boarded our train.  Christmas lights in St. Augustine are breathtaking! After our tour we enjoyed marshmallows dipped in chocolate, Christmas movies, Polynesian fire dancers and more.  This is a unique Christmas time event that you will not want to miss. We had a blast and created so many fun memories.

Ripley's Nights of Lights

After our day of fun we crashed at the Jaybird Inn. We grabbed an Express Deal on Priceline which means we received a great rate for a decent hotel.  Our room was nicely remodeled.  I loved the contemporary decor.  Our neighbors were a little loud so it was hard for hubs. to get the rest he needed but aside from that I recommend this hotel.

After breakfast we decided to take pictures of the fort and walk around a bit.  We stopped by the St. Augustine Visitors Information Center .  My boys enjoyed walking through the fabulous art collection that was on display. One of the pieces really drew them in.  Interactive, touch screen, table top monitors were available for us to “play” with.  Again, great for the kids.  There were gift stores and discounted tickets available for the attractions.  You will want to stop by the Visitor’s center plan and start your St. Augustine, Florida visit.  For the remainder of the day we just walked around the city.  We stopped by Claude’s Chocolate for a treat and I’m so glad we did. Their cSt. Augustine Visitor Centerhocolate is to die for!  After that we had to head home as the boys had a special date with  grandma and grandpa.

Thank you so much to Simply St. Augustine, Ripley’s and the Colonial Quarter for hosting us.  We had wonderful time and we will definitely be visiting again!



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Halloween 2012 – Good Times!

My boys LOVE Halloween.  They love imagining, they love dressing up, they love running around and they love receiving and handing out candy! People come from all over just to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood and it is such a blessing!  The kids dress up, meet new people and are able to have  fun with family and neighbors.

This year my youngest wanted his mommy and daddy to dress up with him.  He dressed up as superman so naturally he wanted me to be wonder-woman. I put on my wonder-woman “outfit” and when my child saw me the first thing he said was, “Mommy, you need to put on the little blue shorts, red boots and put your hair up. ”  My response, “Yeah, that’s not happening.”

Guess which superhero I am standing next to.

Superman, The Black Night and a Sniper.  Watch out!


We also had fun with food.  We made chili, which was super yummy, and then we made some tasty treats.

We found our ideas on pinterest, of course! You can click on the image to link to the recipe.

Here is our puking pumpkin….

….and our sugar cookie fingers.

We had such a blast and I think the kids did too!


Family Fun Night

We needed a night  to unwind with just our family.  No TV, no ipad, no appointments, no distractions just us.  At first I suggested family game night but the boys weren’t really into that.  Then I suggested a lego party.  Their eyes lit up and the party began!

The rules for our lego party were simple.  Each person had to create their own master piece and then they had to tell everyone about it.  So, with the rules in place we each grabbed a handful of legos and began creating.

I am not a creative person but even I was able to create a little something.  What do you think is going on here???

My husband made a helicopter with blades that bend.  Yes, he is the creative one of this parenting duo.


Caleb created a cruise ship that had a pool inside the cruiser’s room.  I would love to ride on that cruise ship!


Here is Ethan’s creation.  He couldn’t settle on one so he made a lot of little creations.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words than a video is worth more right?  Click on Caleb and Ethan’s pictures to see what they have to say about their lego masterpieces.