Daddy, I Played With Owl Puke Today!

We were sitting around the dinner table when my son let his daddy know that he played with owl puke during “school”.   I told him he actually dissected owl pellets but he promptly responded with, “No, mommy it was owl puke.”

We both had a lot of fun with our Classical Conversations group dissecting our owl puke/pellet.  I told my son we were kind of like the archaeologists in his dinosaur books looking for bones.  We found 3 skulls, jaws, femurs and all sorts of  other bones.  It was really amazing.  Our wonderful tutor had extra puke/pellets for us to take home so yes, we will be doing another dissection and who knows, we may even sing the owl pellet SONG.

If you would like information regarding owl pellets, such as why they are so important,  you can find it HERE.