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Jennifer is a homeschool mom to 2 energetic boys. She, her husband and boys, love playing outdoors exploring new places and making new friends! Being a homeschooling mom, she considers travel a perfect extension of her children's education. You can find Jennifer tweeting about life and her adventures at @jennparkerson.

Hurricane Sandy Sanity

Today has been a pretty dreary, rainy day. Perfect for curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea…….YEAH RIGHT!!  My boys did not and will not let that happen.

We have a hurricane approaching and when the rain squalls started acting up so did my two little super heroes.  So, in an effort to keep my sanity in tact, and them occupied, they became weathermen.  My oldest started keeping a weather journal.  When the weather started to get interesting outside he would describe what he saw in his journal.  It’s been great because it gets his little mind working and teaches him how to put his thoughts on paper.  Then once he wrote everything out I let him make pictures of the things he saw.  He loves to draw so this was one of his favorite parts.  My youngest was playing with his legos so instead of writing he would act everything out with his lego men.  I was very entertained!

Next, we took a field trip the beach, the park and the river.

The boys really enjoyed seeing how Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm” affected our beach.  They could barely keep their feet on the ground!

The park was also fun to look at.  Tree branches were everywhere and Ethan gave us the weather report! Click on his picture to hear it.  Be careful as the wind kicked up a bit and it is a little noisy.


The wind was really blowing when we made it to the river.  Even the birds had a hard time staying in the air.


The storm hasn’t passed us yet so I’m sure we will have some fun weather adventures this weekend!


Daddy, I Played With Owl Puke Today!

We were sitting around the dinner table when my son let his daddy know that he played with owl puke during “school”.   I told him he actually dissected owl pellets but he promptly responded with, “No, mommy it was owl puke.”

We both had a lot of fun with our Classical Conversations group dissecting our owl puke/pellet.  I told my son we were kind of like the archaeologists in his dinosaur books looking for bones.  We found 3 skulls, jaws, femurs and all sorts of  other bones.  It was really amazing.  Our wonderful tutor had extra puke/pellets for us to take home so yes, we will be doing another dissection and who knows, we may even sing the owl pellet SONG.

If you would like information regarding owl pellets, such as why they are so important,  you can find it HERE.


Good Morning!

I took a lovely stroll on the beach early in the morning and ran across a few lovely creatures.  I greeted a family of birds as they meandered along the shoreline.

 I noticed the ground in front of me starting to move and as I tried to figure out what was going on, I was surprised to see two eyes staring back at me!

It’s All Sediment Until A Turtle Pees

We had an absolutely fabulous time at zoo school this week.   We were rock sleuths.  We were given 14 different rocks with clues for each and we had to guess which rock we were looking at.  It was super fun!

Have you heard of a drill core rock?  It’s a man-made rock that is removed from hundreds of feet below the surface.  By pulling one of these samples, geologists can study rocks deep within the Earth.  Would you like to make your own drill core using cupcakes? Of course you would!

What you need:

  • Cupcake mix
  • Plastic knife
  • Frosting (act as soil)
  • Food coloring (at least 3 different colors)
  • Baking cups
  • Transparent straws

What to do:

Prepare cupcakes according to package direction but using 3 different colors of batter; layer batter in baking cups. Put frosting as the last layer, which is equivalent to soil.
Let kids use the straw to take some core sample from the cupcake by rotating the straw like a drill. Explain how geologist dig and analyze the composition of Earth’s interior similarly.

Thank you Kids Activities Learning Games for this great hands on experiment.

Once we were done studying rocks our zoo guide brought out some really cool animals.  Our favorite was a pancake tortoise named Flap.  It was a small bumpy turtle that doesn’t hide inside of its shell it actually wedges itself  between rocks, cracks and crevices then blows itself up so that it cannot be removed by predators.  While my son was petting this interesting creature it peed all over our table, the floor and just barely missed my child’s hand. The indecent showed us that pancake tortoise can hold a lot of fluid in its little body.

Anyway, I do believe that was by son’s favorite part of the entire class.